Welcome to Southwest Houston 2000 (swh2000).¬†We are a coalition of nonprofits, religious, business and homeowner’s associations (HOAs). All three of the City Council members in our area are advisers on our Board.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Southwest Houston by improving the way we work, live, and play.

Our Focus

Our focus includes the Brays Oaks Management District and some of the International and Sharpstown Management Districts. This includes Sharpstown, Southwest Memorial Hospital, Houston Baptist University area going all the way to and including Westbury mostly with HOAs and apartments. This is a large area where we have a lot of common interests and issues.

Our Future

As SWH2000, we are always looking for Board members to represent our total community, business, nonprofits, churches, apartments and HOAs in our community. We have over a hundred HOAs ranging in size from fifteen to five thousand homes. We have many common interests in this arena. Come to our Board meetings and see if you can help.

We are continually improving the way we communicate with each other. We will explore ways to connect on common issues in the Southwest. For example, if you are interested in parks, you will touch base with others with similar interests .. all without another physical meeting. We use technology such as our website, blogs, and internet conferencing to bring our entire community together.

SWH2000 will continue to be an important channel of sharing information between our elected officials and our constituents.