Our History

Southwest Houston 2000, Inc. (SWH 2000) was founded in 1991. Since that time we promoted and actively worked with the State legislative and local officials to establish Brays Oak Management District (BOMD). BOMD has continued and expanded many of the projects of SWH 2000. You notice the branding of the district, the reduction of bandit signs, and the elimination of graffiti. They expanded after school programs, transportation, and are working with apartment owners to rehabilitate and improve the quality of life for the renters.

What We Have Done in the Past

We had a grand opening celebration for the Morris Frank Express Library (a concept for future affordable libraries), started an effort to improve Marian Park which is largely completed, developed a proposal to turn the Fondren Diversion Channel from a ditch to a linear park, and had  promoted  fund raisers such as  car wash for police cars involving students. Other events were Band Concerts, Candidate Forums, and Volunteer Appreciation Breakfasts.

We also:

  • Helped get lighted marquees at Fondren and Welch Middle Schools
  • Promoted school safety/support and volunteers
  • Participated in the following park dedications:
    • Valley West Elementary School
    • Eleanor Tinsley Elementary School and donated the large cement turtle
    • Fondren Middle School
  • Got Texas Forest Service
    • $15,000 – 12 Month Grant
  • Helped significantly with new festivals in this area
    • Assistance with Willow Hle Jazz Festival
    • Assistance with Marion Park Fall Festival
  • Helped with the following upcoming capital projects
    • New Workforce HCC campus
    • Leavitt Pavilion

In summary, we initiated, executed, collaborated and/ or provided volunteers for projects for other organizations and ourselves.  Increasingly we find that projects are getting bigger, more complex and require resources from other organizations or institutions.