Super Neighborhoods

A super neighborhood is a geographically designated area where residents, civic organizations, institutions and businesses work together to identify, plan, and set priorities to address the needs and concerns of their community. The boundaries of each super neighborhood rely on major physical features (bayous, freeways, etc.) to group together contiguous communities that share common physical characteristics, identity or infrastructure.

The following super neighborhoods are part of Southwest Houston 2000, Inc.

  • Brays Oaks SuperNeighborhood 36
    Meets the 1st Tuesday Monthly at 7 PM
    Braeswood Assembly of God  – 10611 Fondren Road
    Youth Ministries Building – 2nd Floor
  • Westbury SuperNeighborhood 37
    Meets the 3rd Wednesday Monthly at 8:30 AM
    Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church – 4930 West Bellfort
  • Braeburn South/North SuperNeighborhood 30
    Meeting time and location not known